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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy & your brain

Your brain and the river of time:

Rejuvenate your brain

Bullet to the Brain: Chapter Two: Whiskey Chaser

Why does your back make a cracking or popping sound?

Scientists use robots to guide brain implants

Predicting Alzheimer's Disease

Take a stroll in the garden: flowers are good for your brain.

Bullet to the Brain

Intermittent Fasting and Your Brain

Why do Smart Doctors Sink Money into Silly Investments?

Music and l’amore go together like peanut butter and jelly

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The Passage of Time and Your Brain

Why do Smart Doctors Sink Money into Silly Investments?

Music as brain medicine-- Autism

Losing big in Vegas and looking for something to blame?

Which is better for your brain: Kripalu Yoga or Vipassana Meditation?

Cape May as the Rain Tails Off

“All this pollution is driving me crazy.”

Chronic insomnia may cause brain damage.

Why do Smart Doctors Sink Money into Silly Investments?

This is your brain on radiation

Iran in Blue and White

What’s Better for your Brain: Coffee or Tea?

Working too hard is bad for your brain.

What will you do during the limited time you have on this Earth?

Why do Smart Doctors Sink Money into Silly Investments?

Neuroscience news Roundup

The big five personality traits and psychedelics

10 breaths can get your 3 brains in sync

Breakfast to soothe an aching back?

Your brain on nuts

The Great Brain Computer Interface Race

Fear and your brain

Mozart as brain medicine.

Smart is Sexy

Azazel's Public House

The brain’s homebase for hopefulness moves as you get older

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Time spent in nature boosts brain function

Lifelong learning may prevent dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease

Jealousy circuit in your brain

Weekend reading- For Whom the Bell Tolls

Is there an impulsivity circuit in your brain?

A nerve in your neck joins the fight against tinnitus and stroke

Nine Remarkable Spine Facts

Break Free from the Herd and Make Better Decisions

Exercise and brain function

Weekend reading- Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations

Meditation may shave decades off your brain's age

Neuroscience News Roundup

Multi-Sensory pathway creates a more resilient memory

Is your brain wired for alcohol abuse?

Two questions you should ask when choosing a surgeon:

Herbal tea benefits your brain

Neuroscience News Roundup

Weekend reading- Alice in Wonderland

Sights and sounds to get your brain in sync

Afternoon naps improve brain function

14 Remarkable Brain Facts

meditative listening gets your brain in sync

The Machiavellian take on charity

Weekend reading- Crime and Punishment

Flickering firelight soothes your brain.

Meditation may improve brain function and change brain anatomy

Can you teach an old brain new tricks?

Selfishness is like a weed that can take root in your TPJ

Weekend reading- Love in the Time of Cholera

The brain benefits from Yoga practice

The baby formula shortage is putting your child’s brain at risk

Weekend reading - Sirens of Titan

Think about your brain and spine before you start that new fad diet

8 Daily Stretches for a Healthy Spine

Weekend Reading- Bhagavad Gita

19 Brain Workouts

Coffee or Tea...

Weekend fiction reading- The Plague

A serene insular cortex is the gateway to an open mind

Neuroscience and being 'In The Moment'

Weekend fiction reading- The Road

Brain growth chart.

Brain fog

Neo vs Limbic

Your lifestyle can change your brain DNA

Are magic mushrooms a magic bullet against psychiatric illness?

Ketones may be the Key to unlocking a healthier brain

PTSD may be baked into your brain anatomy

Brain boosting smoothie

Magnetic hemet, designer mind

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Smooth forehead, dull mind

A romantic dinner that benefits your brain

Protect your kid’s brain:

Stem Cells and your Brain and Spine

loneliness is brain poison (for the most part)

More than just a little head bump

Alcohol and your brain


What’s all that nagging doing to your brain?

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Make the most of your mistakes:

Brainy Brunch

Alzheimer’s Disease


Don’t eat the marshmallow

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The brain’s pain circuit

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You can't make the world less frightening.

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